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Total of 1,093 healthy Chinese men from Shanghai aged from 20 to 87  years old was enrolled in the study. Concentrations of serum total testosterone (T), luteinizing hormone (LH) and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were quantified by EIA. Testosterone secretion index (TSI) and free testosterone index (FTI) were then calculated. Data were analyzed by SPSS program. Non-parametric tests and univariate linear regression analyses were used. testosterone.

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In 42 analyzable participants, high BPU (moderate or marked) was observed more often in luteal phase compared to follicular (P = .016). BPU did not change with phase in 30 of 42 participants (71%) and increased in the luteal phase compared to follicular in 12 (29%). High BPU was more frequent in dense breasts compared to nondense breasts at both the luteal (58% [15 of 26] vs. 13% [2 of 16], P = .004) and follicular phases (35% [9 of 26] vs. 6% [1 of 16], P = .061). Spearman correlation coefficients did not show any correlation of BPU with hormone levels measured at either cycle phase and suggested a weak correlation between change in BPU and changes in estrone and estradiol between phases. testosterone.

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It is now known that BNP and NT-proBNP levels are decreasing with increased BMI, regardless of other metabolic syndrome (MS) constituents. Additionally, testosterone deficiency may intensify frequency of ventricular rhythm disorders in obese individuals by inhibition of the parasympathetic system. Determination of heart rhythm turbulence (HRT) is a useful, noninvasive method used for evaluation of equilibrium of the vegetative system. The aim of the study was to evaluate effect of testosterone therapy on HRT and NT-proBNP levels in MS patients. Eighty males were qualified for the study. They were divided into 3 groups: I (n=30), males with testosterone deficiency syndrome and metabolic syndrome (MS+TDS+); II (n=25), males with MS+TDS-; III (n=25), healthy males. The patients with MS+TDS+ received Omnadrem 250 in the form of intramuscular injections for 9 weeks. Laboratory tests and 24-h Holter ECG were taken twice before the therapy and directly after completion of the therapy. Males with MS+TDS+ more often presented irregular HRT parameters and were characterised by lower NT-proBNP levels compared to the healthy individuals. Testosterone replacement therapy caused improvement of HRT and had no significant effect on the NT-proBNP level. Testosterone replacement therapy and body weight reduction may significantly decrease negative consequences of MS and TDS. testosterone.

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The study was conducted at the University of Buffalo in western New York state. testosterone.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common cause of infertility in women, is often accompanied by abnormal reproductive and metabolic hormone levels. Specifically, androgens such as testosterone are elevated in many PCOS women, and the syndrome itself is frequently associated with insulin resistance, which leads to hyperinsulinemia, i.e., elevated insulin. Although the precise role of insulin in ovulatory function is unclear, its role in ovulatory dysfunction is often linked to the effects of increased ovarian androgen production. We present a mathematical model of the menstrual cycle that incorporates regulation by the pituitary-ovarian axis and mechanisms of ovarian testosterone production. We determine a physiological role for testosterone in the normal ovulatory cycle and study the role of hyperinsulinemia in pathological regulation of the cycle. Model results indicate increased ovulatory disruption with elevated insulin-mediated testosterone production and suggest that variations in the response of ovarian follicles to essential signals can alter the degree to which hyperinsulinemia disrupts the ovulatory cycle. The model also provides insight into the various PCOS phenotypes and the severity of ovulatory dysfunction. testosterone.

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